Saturday, June 27, 2009

Enlightenment (E17)-Installation,customization and using.


Enlightenment is a too eye-candy desktop shell and window manager. It is founded by Enlightenment organization. The first version of Enlightenment is released by "Carsten Haitzler" on 1996-10-30.

Enlightenment has two main window manages call E16(DR16) and E17(DR17). E17 is richer than E16. All functions and events of E16 can handle without mouse input. It is a main feature of E16 window manager. also it has grid of workspaces call virtual desktops. unlike gnome, each desktop with difference backgrounds and can set difference wallpapers.

E17 is fully functional system as I said above. It is themable (menus,dock,desktop,windows,icons,etc.) , icons on desktop, specially it has modules like KDE gadgets.

how I think you have a basic idea about Enlightenment. if you want to know about additional details see Enlightenment home page.


Currently Enlightenment is using with difference environments. Live CDs are good option for beginners. There are 2 main Live CD series call Elive and OpenGEU. Elive is based on Debian GNU/LINUX and OpenGEU is based on ubuntu. Now you can download latest version of Elive+compiz. It is rich with compiz, Emerld, Syanaptic, and Hundred of open source applications.


Open GEU also has a live CD. You can download the current version of "OpenGEU 8.10 - Luna Serena" but it has not embeded compiz. Here is some screen shots and videos of OpenGEU.


Now I'm going to guide about installation E17 for your current distribution. There are many options and packages for installation. Now i'm trying to install Enlightenment for ubuntu 9.04 jaunty. Because there is no easy and proper installation option for ubuntu in Enlightenment download page.

Now time to install. Open terminal and consider follow steps.

Here is the steps.

1. add the repository.
sh -c 'echo "## Enlightenment e17
deb jaunty main extras" >> /etc/apt/sources.list'

2. import the key.
wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -

3. update.
sudo apt-get update

4. install.
sudo apt-get install e17

If you properly installed E17 then log out and choose "Enlightenment" from session list in login window. now login in your usual way.

Cheers!! If you can see a window like this.

so now our next step is customization.


1. download wallpaper and set.

Enlightenment desktop supports to animated wallpapers. but this feature is not in gnome or other desktop environment. you can download animated wallpapers from here, here and here. also static backgrounds are in those wab sites.

To set wallpaper go to
System -> Settings -> wallpaper

Then choose your download wallpaper using "Picture.." button.

3. download theme and set.

The special feature of this window manager is using beautiful animated themes. You can download themes from above web sites.

setting theme.
System -> Settings -> Theme

Then import your downloaded theme.

Also you can download modules, icons, tools using same way from same web sites.

4. Compiz.

Compiz is also a window manager. now I think you wonder how to compiz and enlightenment are combine. because both are window managers. there is a good solution for embed to E17. It is "Ecomorph". ecomorph is a OpenGL compositing window manager for X11 that allows Compiz effects to Enlightenment DR17.

There is a good installation guide for ecomorph in their google home page.

my Enlightenment desktop:

now I assume you read full and short article about Enlightenment. If I forget something apologise me and All of your comments are welcome.