Friday, January 29, 2010

Oracle acquires Sun. What will be the future of opensource?

Oracle and Sun Microsystems announced, Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems for $7.4B Deal with lot of major software products including Java and Solaris.

Now oracles like proprietary company own lot of open-source technologies and products. It is big affect of the opensource. Java was major language of sun microsystem that is mostly using worldwide.

Now oracle owns java. according to oracle, "is the most important software Oracle has ever acquired" According to their words Oracle will try to use java as commercial. It will big danger to opensource web-based application development and middle-ware technologies, because of the there are no alternative in opensource world.

Definatly MySQL is good present for the oracle. Because of the MySQL was a big rival for the Oracle database system. As a result of that, Oracle will reduce support and development of the MySQL. Finally Developers and users will switch to the proprietary Oracle.

What about the Open Office? Defiantly It also havent good opensource alternative. And we will use Oracle Virtualbox for our virtuallization systems.

So sad.. Finally The biggest rival of the Microsoft was Killed by Oracle.