Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Add new Items to Nautilus right-click menu and Run Gloobus.

As you already know Nautilus is the main file manager in Gnome. Do you know that nautilus is highly customizable File manager? well. now I am going to discuss a good customizable property in nautilus. I already said about it in topic which is add new menu items to nautilus right click menu.

First of all, you want to download a small software call "Nautilus Action". ubuntu users can download via the software repositories using follow command.

sudo apt-get install nautilus-actions

others can download source package or rpm packages as your wish.

If you finished download and install then you can find it on System->Preferences->Nautilus Action Configuration.

Now you can see it's main window like this.

To add new menu item for Nautilus right-click menu click "Add" button. when you get "Add New Item" window as follows add these details call,

Label: menu item name which will be appear in Nautilus right-click menu.
Tooltip: tooltip of the menu item.
icon: which is own by menu item. in this I selected "gtk-help" icon. but you can select your own icon. but remember Large icons will be freeze Nautilus.

hmm... now we want to set path of Gloobus. Add new profile or edit default profile call "Main". set it's name Glooobus or your favourite. but I still set it as Main. now click Edit.

fill folow details.
path: /usr/bin/gloobus this is a location of gloobus main binary files/core.
Parameters: %d

now your configuration is completed. see right click on a item in nautilus. did you get like this?